You can find our cheap house and land packages Melbourne offers, throughout the northern and western region. The home and land packages that we have are part of the most luxurious estates and well-kept communities that you will undoubtedly want to be a part of. We do not believe on giving you cheaper homes by compromising the quality of the structure. The packages are all inclusive of everything that you want and need for a complete home.See some of our house and land packages below

House and Land

Images displayed are for illustrative purposes only and might depict available upgrade options. Stacked Stone is not a standard feature and available only upon upgrade. Some images might have some features which are not supplied by Granvue Homes such as landscaping, decking, pools, water features, window furnishings, fire places, wall furnishes and finishes, cladding, decorative lighting, decor and furniture. Package prices are based on current promotion, standard home and facade depicted. Pricing may vary due to availability of land, increase in land prices or developer or council guidelines. Current at January 2013, Granvue Homes.