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We build beautiful homes. And lasting relationships.

At Granvue, we care as much about the journey to build your home as we do about the finished product. Our goal isn’t just to make you happy when we hand the keys over, we want you to be smiling at every stage along the way.

That’s why we don’t just work on building your home, we work on building a relationship with you. We won’t wait for you to call us with an issue, we’ll check in with you on a regular basis to let you know what’s been happening and make sure you’re satisfied with the progress we’re making. And if you do need to get in touch with us, we make sure our response times are fast.

We’re a unique builder, both in the way that we approach our work and the look of our homes. Our designs are stylish and timeless, as well as functional and practical. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, always offering the highest quality inclusions as standard. And we aim to do all this for you at the best possible price.

Our site supervisors are carpenters by trade, so they understand every aspect of the building process and know the high level of craftsmanship we expect. We stick to realistic construction timeframes, so the work is never rushed and quality is never compromised. And all our staff are employed locally, we don’t outsource any labour offshore.

To us, the quality of your journey is as important as the quality of your home.

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Quality materials, timeless designs.

Your home is your haven, but it’s also an investment. It needs to stand the test of time both functionally and aesthetically to ensure that your biggest asset is protected. That’s why our finishes are hardy and practical, as well as being classically stylish, to make sure your home keeps looking good for years to come.

We trust our tradespeople.

At Granvue we have a select group of preferred builders and tradespeople that we consistently use on all our home builds. Because we’ve built a relationship with them over time, they know our designs and understand the level of quality we expect. We know we can trust them to be reliable and respect our timelines, so that your home is delivered when expected.

Flexibility and understanding.

We’re proud of all our designs, but we also understand that some households have unique accommodation and design needs. That’s why our in-house design team can sit with you and go over our existing floorplans, to see if we can make any changes that better suit your lifestyle.

Realistic timeframes.

At Granvue we stick to realistic construction timeframes, so that craftsmanship is never rushed and quality is never compromised.

We know what works.

At Granvue, the plans, designs and materials we use, are all tried and tested. They're sound solutions we know will work and will match the high standards that we set and you expect. However, we are always trying to improve, so when we do come across new or superior features and materials, we’ll add them to our product range to make it more extensive and give you even more quality products to choose from.

Your new home is our priority.

We limit our monthly site starts to a number that ensures our site managers’ allocation is manageable and our customers receive a premium level of service and quality build.

Fast response times

At Granvue we like to treat all of our clients as if they are our only clients. That’s why we aim to respond to any queries about the building of a home within 12-24 hours. That’s our commitment to you.