Melbourne Home Builder

Build Process

We know how daunting building a new home can be, that’s why we try and make every stage of the journey as stress free as possible.

Stage 1 – Let's get started

Congratulations, your new home journey is about to begin!
By paying an Initial Deposit of $2,000 you will  have secured your base house price for 12 months and a site start month.

Your base house price and site start are secure on the following conditions:

• Finance approval provided to Granvue Homes by Initial Deposit date.

• A copy of your Land Contract must be provided to your New Home Consultant.

• Project file must be completed with your New Home Consultant and submitted to Head Office within 14 days of Initial Deposit being paid.

Initial Deposit will be used to order soil, survey property information and related administrative works. Initial Deposit will be deducted from your 5% deposit payment at contract.

Note: $2,000 Initial Deposit is non-refundable. 

Stage 2 – Your very own file
Stage 3 – Tender
Stage 4 – Colour your world
Stage 5 – HIA Contract
Stage 6 – Let's get you a permit
Stage 7 – Last round of paperwork
Stage 8 – Let the building begin
Stage 9 – Framework
Stage 10 – Ready for Lock-up
Stage 11 – Fitting and Fixing
Stage 12 – Almost finished...
Stage 13 – Get ready to settle in
Aftercare Warranty