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Is it time that the western suburbs of Melbourne be blessed with your presence?

If you’ve been debating the move to Melbourne’s West for a while now, let Granvue Homes help you out! We have over 15 years of experience in the construction and housing industries, and our main aim as a company is to help as many people find, and build, their dream homes as we possibly can. We build in the best locations and offer packages to you at the best prices we possibly can. Examples of our work? No problem. We have display homes throughout Melbourne west and the western suburbs.

Where can you find our display homes in Melbourne’s western suburbs?

There are currently 3 estates which showcase our display homes in Melbourne’s Western suburbs. They are all conveniently located, ideal for families, and further detailed below:

The Point Cook Display Homes

Situated, as is to be expected, in Point Cook, our upper Point Cook estate is the perfect place for families to live, and grow, happily and harmoniously. Nestled between the bay and the CBD, the Upper Point Cook estate’s beautifully landscaped streets, open spaces, and parks are not to be out shadowed by the abundance of schools, shopping centres, and other amenities. At our Upper Point Cook estate, we showcase 3 of our most stunning homes. They are the ‘Lolite’ home, the ‘Ruby’ home, and our glorious ‘Tanzanite’ home. You can view any of the display homes here between 11am and 5pm Monday to Wednesday, and at the same times on the weekends. For further details, you can contact Sam Iqbal on 0469 018 883.

LOLITE Upper Point Cook 1
Crystal Jubilee Wyndham Vale 1

Our Wyndham Vale Display Homes

This housing estate is unlike any that you will have ever come across before. The Jubilee Estate can be found in the thriving Melbourne suburb of Wyndham Vale and is just 25 minutes to the Central Business District thanks to the brand new Wyndham Vale Regional Rail Link, well, plus no more than a minute’s walk directly across the street to the train station of course, but who’s counting?. The Jubilee estate offers a cosy, exclusive neighbourhood, with exclusive members-only access to the Club Jubilee amenities, and your very own indoor waterpark. The houses that we show here are by appointment only, and they are our ‘Crystal’ and ‘Imperial’ homes. If you’d like to arrange an appointment to see our houses, please contact Pratap Singh at 0421 035 533.

The Rockbank Display Homes 

The Thornhill Park estate is home to two of our most beautiful homes, right here in west Melbourne. Our ‘Emerald’ and ‘Lapis’ homes are two of our favourites, and in terms of our west Melbourne display homes, are some of our most highly sought after. They are located in our idyllic Thornhill Park estate, which can be found in Rockbank. One of the key features of the Thornhill Park estate is that there are education, and childcare facilities on site. You can see why our homes are never on the market for very long. You can view any of the display homes here between 11am and 5pm Monday to Wednesday, and at the same times on the weekends. Further enquiries can be answered by phoning John Arandelovic on 0428 530 869.

GVH2650 Rockbank Externals Lapis 0012

How can you get into contact with Granvue Homes?

If you’re interested in viewing, or even buying, one of our display homes in Melbourne’s western suburbs, you should get into contact with us as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is by filling in the enquiry form on our website, after which, one of our staff members will get back to you within 24-48 hours.
Alternatively, you can give us a call. Our number is 1300 135 440. Someone will be available to take your call between the hours of 08:30 and 17:00 through the working week.