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We have 30 architecturally designed house plans for you to view and although we are proud of all our designs, we also understand that some households have unique accommodation and design needs. That’s why our in-house design team can sit with you and go over our existing floorplans, to see if we can make any changes that better suit your lifestyle.

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Getting the House You Want Starts With A Detailed Plan

In an ideal world, everyone’s house would be unique and exactly what they want it to be. It would precisely match their lifestyle, have indoor and outdoor areas they need and have all the features required.

Such ideals can cost a lot of money because your dreams have to be turned into reality by an architect, which entails plenty detailed work and possibly several attempts to get it right. This isn’t practical for most people due to the time and expense involved. However, using professional, pre-prepared house plans in Melbourne as a basis, you can create a home that matches your needs for an affordable cost.

Plenty of House Plans for Melbourne, Victoria

At Granvue Homes, we have many established house designs. From large and impressive family homes to smaller and more affordable properties, we’re certain to have something that meets your needs. Use the filters to establish your price range, required size, number of rooms and other features; then you can choose from the plans that match.

Before you make your final choice, be clear on what you want from your new home. That will depend on several factors, including lifestyle and the size of your family.

You want a house that looks great and feels just right for you. To achieve those aims, study the floor plans and illustrations carefully and make sure they meet your needs. If you have a plot of land, the first consideration is to ensure the selected design will fit without appearing cramped or awkward on the site.

Determine if the mix of indoor and outdoor space is right for you. Look at the size of each room, how they’re laid out and their connections to adjacent rooms. You want to ensure you can use the space to its full potential and that there’s a good and practical flow between the rooms.

Decide if you want individual rooms or if an open house plan approach will work better. Make sure there’s a good connection between indoor and outdoor spaces to take advantage of the summer weather. Also ensure you’ve enough storage space, work areas and garaging as well as adequate living space.

House Plans that are Right for You

It’s often a compromise between your budget and your ambitions since the two often don’t match. However, it’s generally a mistake to go above your budget because that may result in unaffordable expense for years to come. It’s best, therefore, to choose a plan that meets your needs and is within your budget.

The advantage of having the wide range of house designs provided by Granvue Homes is that there’s almost certainly one that fits in with your needs. And if the fit isn’t exact, it may be possible to explore design options to conform to your budget or to introduce a feature that’s essential for you.

All our house plans have been prepared with residents’ needs in mind so they’re practical as well as attractive and affordable. And, because we want you to be totally happy with your new home, we’ll provide all the help you need to choose the design that’s right for you.

We realise that many people can’t properly visualise a finished property from a floor plan and illustrations. So to help you, we have various display homes in the growth areas of Melbourne’s Northern and Western Suburbs that are based on the plans we provide. You can, therefore, see what your finished home will look like before making your choice and will be sure it’s the right one.