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Over $75,000 of value for $9999


“The Complete Package” Promotional offer includes:


Terms and Conditions.



LOCKED SITE COSTS                                                                                                


 The Locked Site Costs offer as part of “The Complete Package” promotion excludes any costs which exceed the above parameters including, but not limited to: Rock breaking/hammering for sewer/stormwater and slab services; Re-establishment survey; Retaining walls, agricultural drains & silt pits; Service provider account connection fees; Bushfire protection upgrades; DCP Report;Footing probe; Additional costs for greater than N2 wind ratings; Dispensation requirements (council); Relocation or sewer/stormwater cut back ties; Relocation of water tap. (Note water tapping is pre-determined by the developer); Additional costs to achieve AHD levels; Energy upgrade requirements to meet 6-star energy rating on modified designs; 3-phase power; Upgrade to foundations to accommodate potential tree-related foundation and/or easement services; Garage flashings due to zero lot boundary; Additional scaffolding to comply with OH&S regulations; Screw piles; Additional costs to accommodate swimming pool/spa installations after handover; Developer requirements; and Termite protection.

 Should any of these items be required additional charges will apply. Client(s) are to provide a Level 1 Compaction Report where applicable. No credit amounts apply for items deemed not required.

 Note: On any site works, fill must be clean soil and not contaminated soil. Should contaminated soil be found, additional charges will apply, payable by the client(s), to stabilize the soil condition,


COMPLETE PACKAGE UPGRADE                                                                                         


 Stone bench upgrades apply to standard bench designs and sizes. Any extensions to benches will incur additional charges payable by the client(s). Flooring is based on Granvue Homes’ standard floor plan coverings layout. Tiles or timber laminate apply to the entry, kitchen, meals, and main living area. Carpet applies to the remainder of the home; bedrooms, rear passage, secondary living areas, and stairs (design specific). Any changes to the standard layout will incur additional charges payable by the client(s). LED Downlights are provided throughout excluding the garage. The quantity of downlights varies and is based on design specific. Evaporative cooling applies to all single storey designs and the first floor of double storey designs, excluding the ground floor. The unit size and number of outlets are based on design specifications and recommendations. The 3-coat paint system is Dulux Wash and wear paint. Colorbond roof includes a whirlybird and excludes sarking. If the property is in a Bushfire Fire zone sarking will be included in the BAL charge. If the property is not in a Bushfire Fire zone the builder highly recommends the client add sarking. Additional charges apply, payable by the client(s). There will be no exchange, credit, or cash offered in lieu of any item.


$25K SPEND YOUR WAY                                                                                     

 Where a client qualifies for the $25K spend your way, a credit of $25,000 (including GST) will be deducted from the price at the time of Sales Quote or Color Selection Variations. The $25K voucher cannot be used on structural changes, site costs, or any council/developer requirements. There will be no exchange, credit, or cash in lieu of any item. Should the client upgrades not equal $25,000, the credit amount will be the total of the applicable upgrades.