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LUXURY LIVING Promotion - Over $80K of value for $9999


The “Luxury Living” Promotional offer includes:


Terms and Conditions.


LOCKED SITE COSTS                                                                                                                                         



The Locked Site Costs offer as part of the “Luxury Living” promotion excludes any costs which exceed the above parameters plus deepened edge beams, additional reinforcements, screw piles, retaining walls and associated drainage, additional costs to accommodate swimming pool/spa installations after handover, any OH&S costs, termite protection, relocation or cut back of any services and extra costs incurred to achieve AHD levels. Should any of these items be required additional charges will apply. Clients(s) are to provide a Level 1 Compaction Report where available. No credit amounts apply for items deemed not required.


LUXURY FLOOR COVERINGS                                                                                                                           



The 600mm x 600mm porcelain tiles are based on builder's selected promotional range. Promotional tiles included to wet areas and wall tiles as per standard layout. Excludes tile splashback to kitchen, where applicable. Standard ceramic tiles apply to balcony, where applicable. Timber laminate flooring is based on Category 2 from builder's range. Carpet is based on Category 1 from builder's range. Category 1 underlay applies where applicable. Flooring layout is based on Granvue Homes standard floor plan coverings layout. Any changes to standard layout will incur additional charges payable by the client(s). There will be no exchange, credit or cash offered in lieu of any item.


LUXURY LIVING UPGRADES                                                                                                                              



Quantum quartz 20mm stone benchtop with 40mm edging to kitchen, and pantry where standard bench applies, is based on Category 1 from builder's range and excludes waterfalls and any extensions to benches. Soft close to kitchen cupboards and drawers is from builder’s promotional range. Frankie Seville double bowl undermount stainless steel kitchen sink product code: SSX 220-36. Phoenix BLIX flexible hose sink mixer round chrome produce code: 10473100C. Textured laminate finish to kitchen cabinetry is from Silk, Chalk and Nuance builder’s range. Quantum quartz 20mm stone benchtop to wet areas is from Category 1 builder's range. Wet areas include ensuite(s), bath, laundry, and powder (if applicable). Excludes any extensions to benches. Tiled shower niche size is 400mm high x 600mm wide. 2740mm high ceilings apply to ground floor only. 2590mm ceilings apply to first floor of double storeys only. LED Downlights provided throughout excluding garage. Quantity of downlights are design specific. Evaporative cooling is applicable to all single storey designs and first floor of double storey designs, Excludes ground floor to double storey designs. Unit and number of outlets is based on design specific. Feature staircase applicable to double storey designs includes KDHW staircase with 14mm diameter steel balustrade, KDHW handrail (stair type 1A or 1B, S01 Steel balustrade Black, HR01 Handrail and NP07 Posts). There will be no exchange, credit or cash offered in lieu of any item.


EXTERNAL FINISH UPGRADES                                                                                                                        



Colorbond roof includes whirlybird, excludes sarking. If the property is in a Bushfire Fire zone sarking will be included in the BAL charge. If the property is not in a Bushfire Fire zone the builder highly recommends the client add sarking. Additional charges apply. Timber look garage door size up to 2100mm high x 4800mm wide, includes colours Classic Cedar or Caoba. Feature front door includes 2340mm high Corinthian PMAD 101 door with clear glazing. Up to 1020mm wide for single entry door designs. 920mm wide door where a 1020mm wide door won’t fit a standard design. For double entry door designs, 2No. 2340mm high x 820mm Corinthian PMAD 101 doors with clear glazing will apply. Door furniture includes Gainsborough Trilock Angular 8901ANG Bright Chrome. Façade value, receive up to $5K off single storey façade upgrade and up to $7K off a double storey façade upgrade. No modifications to facades allowed unless required to meet developer guidelines. Rendered Hebel cladding included to all single storey homes only. Some face brickwork may be required subject to facade selection and developer requirements. There will be no exchange, credit or cash offered in lieu of any item.