Do you think it’s time to move to Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs?

Maybe you live out of state, you’re looking to be closer to the CBD, or you’ve decided it’s finally time to take the plunge and build your dream home in your dream location. Whatever the reason you’re considering a move to Melbourne’s gorgeous northern suburbs, Granvue Homes will find a way to make your (housing) dreams come true! Our wide range of display homes can show you exactly how amazing (and aesthetically pleasing!) your new life in Melbourne’s North could be.

How can we show you that with such promise? We don’t just offer concept drawings and images; we have actual display homes across Melbourne’s northern suburbs that you can visit, explore, and fall in love with as much as we have.

Where can you see our display homes?

We currently have 3 estates which showcase our display homes in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. They are:

The Mickleham Display Homes 

Situated just 40 minutes from Melbourne’s Central Business District, the Watarah Estate can be found in one of Melbourne’s fastest growing suburbs – Mickleham. If you choose to look at homes here, you have up close and personal access to some of the best display homes Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs has to offer. At the Watarah Estate, you can see our ‘Flint’ and ‘Kyanite’ display homes, both of which offer multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and parking spaces as standard, and will make ideal family homes that will be timeless, elegant, stylish, and most importantly, they will never feel cramped. You can visit our display centre at 30-32 White Leaf Drive, Mickleham. We are open 11am until 5pm Monday to Wednesday, and again on Saturday and Sunday. For further details, you can contact (Himanshu) on 0401 383 404

LARIMAR Lyndarum Wollert 1

The Wollert Display Homes

The Lyndarum Estate is ideal for families and young couples. The popular, exclusive estate is currently home to around 2500 residents and has all the amenities of Epping just down the road. It is also only a 35 minute drive from the Central Business District. The two most popular display homes that you can see here are our ‘Platinum’ home and our ‘Larimar’ home. If you’d like to see them for yourself, you can nip down to our display centre any time between 11am and 5pm Monday to Wednesday, and if that doesn’t work for you, we also open during the same hours on Saturday and Sunday. Further enquiries can be answered by phoning Max Dibennardo at 0401 045 797 or (Samantha Kuzman on 0411 542 225)

Our Diggers Rest Display Homes

The final (for now) place that you can see our north Melbourne display homes, is on the Bloomdale Estate. The Bloomdale Estate can be found in Diggers Rest, which is less than an hour to the Melbourne CBD by public transport, and half an hour by car. Here, we give you the chance to see some of our best family homes. They are our ‘Ruby’ and ‘Cortez’ homes. You can see them for yourself between 11am and 5pm Saturday through Wednesday. For booking information, you can contact Troy Apostolopoulos at 0421 328 270.

cortez 38 belmont

What have our previous clients said about us?

We could talk your ear off about the reasons why you should choose Granvue Homes when you’re looking for your new home in Melbourne’s (North). However, we prefer to let our other clients do the talking. You can see exactly what all of our clients think of us under the ’community’ tab on our facebook page, which you can find at @granvuehomes.