Do you think it’s time to move to Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs?

Maybe you live out of state, you’re looking to be closer to the CBD, or you’ve decided it’s finally time to take the plunge and build your dream home in your dream location. Whatever the reason you’re considering a move to Melbourne’s gorgeous northern suburbs, Granvue Homes will find a way to make your (housing) dreams come true! Our wide range of display homes can show you exactly how amazing (and aesthetically pleasing!) your new life in Melbourne’s North could be.

How can we show you that with such promise? We don’t just offer concept drawings and images; we have actual display homes across Melbourne’s northern suburbs that you can visit, explore, and fall in love with as much as we have.

Where can you see our display homes?

We currently have 3 estates which showcase our display homes in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. They are:

What have our previous clients said about us?

We could talk your ear off about the reasons why you should choose Granvue Homes when you’re looking for your new home in Melbourne’s (North). However, we prefer to let our other clients do the talking. You can see exactly what all of our clients think of us under the ’community’ tab on our facebook page, which you can find at @granvuehomes.