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Homes on Display

New Display Homes & Houses In Melbourne

No matter how many plans and illustrations you see of a house you want to buy, it’s no substitute for the real thing. Even with 3D walk-throughs and other technological tricks, it’s still not possible to visualise how your new home will look and to experience how it will feel.

Visit Display Homes in Melbourne and Choose the One You Want

The only way to do this is to visit a real house, which clearly isn’t possible for the home you plan to have until it’s built. That’s where display homes come in because they mean you can visit a property that will have the same overall layout, appearance and features as the one you want. This will enable you to make an informed decision rather than one simply based on a house plan and illustration. Read More

Finding a Suitable Display Home in Melbourne

The best way to proceed is to look at the house plans on our website to find some that are suitable. Use the filter settings to narrow your search and then select one or more plans that meet your needs. Then look at our sites to identify those that have display houses in Melbourne of the same types so that you can take a look.

Visiting a site and looking through a display home at first hand gives you a far better experience than simply looking at a website or brochure. You can see how the floor plans are translated into real rooms and areas of buildings, can look at everything in great detail and can chat to company representatives about anything you want to discuss.

We have display homes at sites throughout the Melbourne area in a variety of locations in popular and developing urban areas that are convenient for work and shopping, with all modern services and facilities nearby.

Granvue Homes range from compact and affordable properties for the first time buyer through larger, family accommodation and luxury homes with plenty of space and facilities. There’s something for everyone so visit several new display homes in Melbourne to see what’s available.

Visit Display Homes in Melbourne and Choose the One You Want

Visiting a display home gives you the opportunity to see the excellent workmanship that goes into all our properties. Even if you don’t purchase a home of the style you see, you will gain ideas in terms of layout, flexibility, style and fittings. You can then use your new knowledge to choose options for a floorplan to create a completely unique design.

Whatever style of home you’re looking for, whatever your budget and needs in terms of size and location, we’ll have a display home that meets your requirements or can be adapted to them. Our aim is always to provide the home that each customer is happy to live in and we’ll do what is necessary to achieve that aim.

We’re constantly opening new display houses for you to inspect so be sure to search frequently for further opportunities to view. Each one will be completed to our usual high standard and will be beautifully fitted out and landscaped to illustrate what’s possible. We also have display homes for sale, another option if you want to move into a house immediately and don't want to wait for it to build.

With such a wide range of display homes available, it’s the perfect opportunity to find your ideal home in the best location. And with our help, you can achieve that ideal home without stress or undue pressure.

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